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Our curriculum aims to engage and inspire pupils, cultivating their skills of performing, composing, listening and appraising whilst developing an appreciation of music.

Provision is reviewed regularly to ensure that pupils are exposed to a variety of genres and styles across a range of historical periods to current times with the aim of building pupils’ self-confidence and developing creativity.

As pupils move through the school, they will:

  • Listen to and evaluate a range of music across historical periods, genres and styles
  • Create and compose, both individually and in collaboration with increasing control
  • Understand how music is created and communicated and become familiar with musical terms: pitch, dynamics, duration, tempo, timbre, texture and structure

Pupils will be taught:

  • To play and perform in solo and ensemble contexts
  • To improvise and compose music for a range of purposes using a range of notation to record their ideas
  • To appreciate a  wide range of live and recorded music drawn from great composers and musicians such as Beethoven, Holst, Britten and Vivaldi through Composer of the Year in KS2.
  • To appreciate and understand the history of music drawn from different traditions

We endeavour to expose our pupils to a range of musical experiences through additional musical opportunities such as choir; singing at public events and musical collaborations with our partnership High School (Rastrick); performing at school events such as Christmas, open afternoons and special events through the year. 

Pupils also have the opportunity to partake in private music lessons provided by the peripatetic Music Hub from the Local Authority for which there is a charge to parents.




Music curriculum overview