NEWS: Year 2 Transport Launch Day 2019

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To launch their new ‘Transport’ topic, Year 2 children were invited to bring in their bikes and scooters and complete and obstacle course to show off their risk taking skillls to their classmates. Some of the children had been practising at home and could ride their bikes without stabilisers! 

They children also explored how transport has changed over time and were very interested to look at photographs of cars, buses and trains from the past. Some children have since brought in photographs from home and interviewed parents and grandparents to find out more. 

In pairs, children created collages to show the the journey of rockets, bikes, buses, aeroplane and cars through different places. They used a variety of different material and techniques such as curling, fringing, layering and stunning. Some children chose to use artwork from our local artist ‘Roger Davis’ as their inspiration and we look forward to showing him when he comes into school next! 

Linking to their ICT and maths lessons, children also controlled beebots using directional language such as forwards, backwards, quarter turn and half turn.