NEWS: Year 1 Enterprise Project

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Enterprise Project

This year, each year group is going to plan and create a product to sell at school. The class will then choose what to spend their profit on. Y1 decided to make ice lollies and ice pops as this was something that all the children talked about during our holidays topic discussions. We worked out what we would need to make them and decided that it would be better to recycle the plastic ice pop packets so that we weren’t throwing away a lot of plastic which would be bad for the environment.

In Maths, we used measuring cylinders to work out how much water we would need to fill each lolly mould or ice pop. We then discussed how we would turn the liquid into ice and put the moulds into the freezer. The following day, we sold our ice lollies to the rest of school. They were so popular that we sold out quickly so we made more! After four days, we made a total of £200! The children have decided to spend the money on new books and some of them are going to come shopping with us to buy them.