NEWS: Welcome Back - Update

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It has been a delight to welcome pupils back into school this week and we are very proud of the way they have adapted to new routines so positively. Attendance has been excellent and we are particularly pleased with the way that the staggered start and end to the school day has worked and this has been a result of parents and carers following our procedures. We would ask that pupils do not arrive more than ten minutes before the allocated start time as this is causing some congestion on the pavement outside school. Thank you.

We continue to monitor how our systems and procedures work to ensure the school environment is as safe as possible whilst endeavouring to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum. Due to the restrictions we are working under, inevitably compromises have to be made. Under normal circumstances, the school hall would be used for PE lessons, assemblies and lunches. As we have prioritised provision of physical activity to promote pupils’ well-being, it is not possible to provide school lunches as normal due to the need for enhanced cleaning.

Whilst the majority of pupils have returned to school in good spirits with high levels of enthusiasm and engagement, we are aware that some children may be finding the return to school challenging. This is not unusual and should improve over time as they adjust to the routines. The school website contains advice on supporting pupils during this time.