NEWS: Transport Topic Launch - Year 2

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On Wednesday 3rd March, the weather held out and allowed Year 2 to launch their new topic, 'Transport' with an exciting day of bike riding and collage making. Many children were able to bring their bikes in from home but we were also very fortunate that some bike professionals (instructors) came into school to coach children who couldn't yet ride a bike without stabilisers. We were proud of the resilience and determination of all the children, many of whom learnt to ride a bike without stabilisers in just one hour using the 4 steps: 1) run, 2) balance, 3) feet on the pedals and 4) pedal! The children also designed and made their own transport collages using the techniques of tearing, cutting, scrunching, curling and fringing. The collages showed the journey of a vehicle really clearly and looked incredibly eye catching! Year 2 will go on in this topic to learn about the history of transport including the invention of Cats' Eyes by local inventor Percy Shaw and the invention of the first aeroplane by the Wright brothers.