NEWS: Think Gr8, Feel Gr8 - Y2

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Think Gr8, Feel Gr8 - Y2

As part of “Think Gr8 Feel Gr8” week, Year 2 discussed healthy and unhealthy breakfast choices. We then made overnight oats using chopping, pouring and measuring skills. If you would like to make this yourself then follow the recipe below (serves one):

1 tbsp raisins

2 tbsp apple juice

30 g rolled oats (5 tbsp)

50 ml milk

1 tbsp yoghurt

1/4 apple

handful of berries

1 tsp honey

1. Soak the sultanas and raisins in the apple juice for a few hours or overnight

2. Put the oats in a bowl with 50ml tbsp of the milk and leave to soak in the fridge for a minimum of 1 hour or overnight. Remove from the fridge and stir in the yogurt

3. Grate or slice the apple and add it to the bowl, along with the sultanas and raisins. Stir the muesli together and add more milk if required to give a soft but not a runny consistency. Drizzle honey over the top to serve.