NEWS: Remembrance Day

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Over the last week, we have been talking to pupils about the special ceremonies that take place at this time of year to commemorate Remembrance Day. On the eleventh day, of the eleventh month, at the eleventh hour, the whole school gathered in a special assembly to remember those who have died or suffered whilst serving their country and to reflect on the consequences of conflict – both for the people fighting and for those living in the places where the conflict is happening.

Pupils have also had the opportunity to make donations to the Royal British Legion, and many chose to wear poppies. We talked about how the poppy is a powerful symbol of Remembrance and hope and the significance of Flanders Field where bright red poppies grew amidst the bleak and muddy fields. Several of the older pupils commented on how lucky they felt to live in a country which is democratic and where they have the liberty to make their own choices.